Story by Ghoulslash and Klemniops.
Team Leads
Contributor Contribution
Ghoulslash Executive Producer
Lead Developer
Creative Lead
Klemniops Executive Producer
Lead Developer
Creative Lead
Wiki Developer
Contributor Contribution
PRET team Pokémon Emerald Decompilation Project
DizzyEgg and RHH Contributors Battle Engine Upgrade
ShantyTown Porymap, pinball
Rangi42 Tilemap Studio
slawter666 Dynamic overworld palettes
Overworld expansion
Dresser UI source code
Complete FireRed Upgrade team DexNav Source
"Follow Me"
Many smaller features
Mandl27 Text printer boost
Expanded move names source
Zeturic Move Items in party menu
Disturbo Field message name boxes
AsparagusEduardo Additional Bag pockets
DizzyEgg Repel Re-Use
Scrolling Multi-Choice
Faster intro
TheXaman Bar-drop
Faster intro
TM Case Source
slawter666/ExpoSeed/CompuMax Dynamic Overworld Palettes
amosnier (GitHub) SHA-2
Zeturic, ketsuban, Buffel saft, et al. PokeCommunity Simple Modifications
SamuRH/Xhizy Intro Credits Scene
Beta Testers dillsacke, shadownibba, Jaizu, boomtox the boombox
Large font Furret, SBird
Overworld Pokeball Animation pokemerrp
Updated Daycare Mechanics ExpoSeed
Sierra Map port tools
AgustinGDLV Item Drop Code Base
Contribution Contributor
  • Artsy - concepts
  • Bepis - sprites
  • Big Snort - concepts, sprites
  • dillsacke - concepts, sprites, party icons
  • Dio_FBI - sprites
  • EnzoDaiki - sprites
  • fuwuii - sprites
  • Kwenio - concepts, sprites
  • Livra - sprites
  • ogwon - sprites
  • Plus-Sized Scribe - cries
  • Rool - sprite
  • Saleh - sprites
  • StarGazaar - concepts, sprites
  • StreudelMuffin - concepts
  • Tetra - sprites
  • Tejas - concept art
  • Wednesday - sprites
  • Cesare-_CBass - party icons
Battle Backgrounds
  • Jaizu
  • Dio_FBI
  • carchagui
  • Phred
OW Sprite Resource (Kalarie and contributors) Various overworld sprites
HGSS Overworld sprites in FR style (Delta321 and contributors) Various overworld sprites
DS-Style 64x64 Trainer Sprite Resource Various trainer sprites
DS-Style 64x64 Pokémon Sprite Resource Various Pokémon sprites
RHH Various Pokémon sprites
Map Tiles
  • Chaotic Cherry Cake
  • Ekat
  • Javs
  • Jaizu
  • Rool
  • SphericalIce
  • TheDeadHeroAlistair
  • vurtax
  • Zeo
Team Nova battle transition inspiration colorflo (Twitter)
Dresser background tiles slawter666
Train base sprite theIronHorse319
Milky Way pixel art carchagui
Mega Flygon sprites Buffel Saft/Inclement Emerald
Bag pocket indicators Jaizu
Wiki Development ShantyTown (Pokenav map images)