Version 0.3.0
New Battle Engine Features
  • New Moves
  • New Abilities
  • New Items
  • New Effects
Changes to the Vanilla Battle Engine


Move Change
Aurora Veil Stacks with Reflect/Light Screen
Dizzy Punch Changed to Fairy type
Nightmare Applies Nightmare status, and confuses the inflicted battler when they wake up.
Absorb 20 power -> 30 power
Mega Drain 40 power -> 55 power
Astonish 30 power -> 40 power
Morning Sun/Synthesis/Moonlight 2/3rds HP recovery in Solar Wind weather
Solarbeam 2x power in Solar Wind weather
Thunder Always hits during a Thunderstorm
Behemoth Bash/Blade Double damage to Mega-evolved/infused targets
Heat Wave 1.5x Damage in Heat Wave weather


Item Change
Terrain Seeds Sharply boost stats
Heavy Duty Boots Block Shrapnel Terrain Damage
Utility Umbrella Blocks Acid Rain
Wave Incense Boost attack of Mantyke and Mantine


Ability Change
Flower Gift Can apply to any species, not just Cherrim
Solar Power Boost Sp. Atk in Solar Wind weather as well
Water compaction No damage from water type moves


Effect Change
Gravity, Room effects, Sport effects, Ion Deluge, Fairy Lock, and Terrains Nulled by Damping Sphere and Arena Lock
Hail 50% Def. boost for ice types
Ground types Cannot be paralyzed

Frostbite Status

The frostbite status has replaced the frozen status
  • Frostbite is a special- analog of Burn. So Special Attack is halved when frostbitten.
  • The Frost Orb is a new item that is the frostbite version of Flare Orb
  • The Frostproof ability is a new ability that is an analog of Heatproof
  • The Frost Boost ability is a new ability that is an analog of Flare Boost
  • Frost Burn is a new move that is a Frostbite analog of Will-O-Wisp
  • Any effect that caused or healed freeze now causes/heals frostbite.
  • Psycho Shift transfers frostbite
  • Frostbite is healed by refresh
  • Frostbite boosts Guts, Facade, and similar effects/abilities
  • Frostbite increases the catch rate by 50% instead of the 100% offered by being frozen
  • The ability Frostbite has been renamed to Frozen Body, and the activation probability is increased to 20%
Experience System

Pokemon Voyager combines aspects of older-generation and newer-generation Pokemon for its experience system. Exp. Share and Exp. All are both obtainable items which can be dynamically deployed to adhere to your preferred playstyle. Whatever your configuration, the total amount of experience gained by your party remains the same, so all configurations should fit well into Voyager's level curve.

Exp. Share

The Exp. Share is a held item. A Pokemon in your party holding one gains experience and effort values though it had participated in the battle. A Pokemon in that participates in the battle while also holding an Exp. Share gains an extra share of experience.

Exp. All

The Exp. All is a key item obtained early in your journey. It has several different modes which distribute earned experience to your party in different ways.

  • Off: experience is distributed only to battle participants and Exp. Share holders.
  • Even: experience is distributed evenly amongst all party members. Pokemon holding Exp. Share count as two party members and get an extra share of earned experience.
  • Skew: experience is distributed throughout your party, with lower-level Pokemon earning more experience. The amount of experience each party member earns is based on the proportion of its level to the total level of your whole party. Pokemon holding Exp. Share are treated as though they are half of their current level.

In contrast to experience points, effort values are gained only by Pokemon who participated in the battle or Pokemon holding an Exp. Share. Pokemon who meet neither condition do not gain effort values.

When the Exp. All is on, a window appears each time you defeat a Pokemon during battle to detail the way that experience is distributed to your party.