Version 0.3.0
The following covers each difficulty option in Pokémon Voyager. Difficulty can be customized in the Settings menu.
Setting Details
Party Limit Limit the maximum number of Pokémon you can carry in your party! This limit can be raised during gameplay, but not further reduced.
Level Cap
  • None: Any Pokémon at any level will obey you.
  • Default: Traded Pokémon above the gym badge level will not obey.
  • Badge-based Obedience: All Pokémon above the gym badge level will not obey.
  • Badge-based Soft-cap: Levels are capped based on gym badge.

Level Caps:

  • 0 Badges: 25
  • 1 Badges: 35
  • 2 Badges: 45
  • 3 Badges: 55
  • 4 Badges: 65
  • 5 Badges: 75
  • 6 Badges: 85
  • 7 Badges: 95
  • All Badges: No Limit

Trainer AI
  • Minimum: The Trainers will use random moves.
  • Easy: The Trainers have basic strategies.
  • Default: Trainer intelligence varies. As the developers intended.
  • Hard: All trainers consider negative and positive consequences of their moves.
  • Maximum: All trainers have full intelligence.
Puzzles Gym puzzle difficulty/length can be toggled with this parameter. In general, the same trainers and items are available in each mode.
Battle Style
  • Enable Shift: You are asked to switch Pokémon between Trainer Pokémon
  • Disallow Shift: You are not asked to switch Pokémon.
  • Disallow Switching: You cannot switch Pokémon at all (not yet implemented)
Battle Items
  • Player Only: disables Trainer item use only.
  • On: Both player and opponent may use items.
  • Off: Neither player nor opponent may use items.
  • Opponent Only: The player cannot use items in battle, but Trainers can.
Wild Encounters
  • Auto: The player can auto-defeat, auto-catch, engage, or ignore wild Pokémon.
  • Optional: The player can choose to ignore wild Pokémon.
  • Standard: The player engages any wild Pokémon that appear.