Version 0.3.0
The following discusses the randomizer settings in Pokémon Voyager in detail.
Randomizer Details
Wild Pokémon This randomizer maps one species to another for Pokémon found in the wild and those given to you (e.g. your starters). Species are mapped to those of similar evolutionary stages. For example, all Drilbur will appear as Growlithe. Evolutions remain intact, so your Growlithe will still evolve into Arcanine
Pokémon Types This randomizer gives each species a random first type, with a 50% chance of giving a random, secondary type

Starter Special Cases:

  • With a Single-Type Challenge: A random starter will be given the type challenge type, and you will not obtain the others

Moves This randomizer maps one move to another. Damaging moves are mapped based on ranges of move power, while status moves are randomly shuffled
Abilities This randomizer maps one ability to another, excluding specific banned abilities, including form-change abilities
Items Overworld and given items are randomized! Key items, TMs, and Ability Discs
Evolutions This randomizer causes species to evolve into a random species of a similar stage to the intended evolution. For example, a Growlithe would always evolve into a Weavile instead of Arcanine
Evolution Methods This randomizer assigns a random evolution method to each Pokémon that can evolve from a subset of evolutionary options, including:
  • Level: Between 10 and 60
  • Friendship
  • Using an Item: Evolutionary Stones and other Pokémon-specific items
  • Level + Gender: for branched evolutions only
  • Personality: for branched evolutions only
Trainer Pokémon Using the same randomization as the Wild Pokémon randomizer, this option only affects opponent Pokémon
Type Advantages For each offensive/defense type combination, a random effectiveness is assigned among Not Very Effective, Effective, and Super Effective. There is a 5% chance of the type combination being ineffective
Base Stats Base stats are pseudo-randomized from a large, pre-set list of base stats based on the species base stat total. In chaos mode, the base stat total is not conserved
Chaos Mode If this mode is enabled, any relevant randomizers will generate a random value in each relevant instance. For example, if species are randomized, every wild Pokémon will be a completely random species instead of being mapped to a given species

Relevant Randomizers:

  • Wild Pokémon
  • Moves
  • Abilities
  • Evolutions
  • Base Stats