Version 0.3.2
Voyager New Moves
Name Type Category PP Power Accuracy Description
Dizzy Punch 10 70 100 A rhythmic punch that may confuse the foe.
Sweet Kiss 10 75 Demands a kiss with a cute look. May cause confusion.
Charm 20 100 Charms the foe and sharply reduces its Attack.
Moonlight 5 0 Restores HP. The amount varies with the weather.
Disarming Voice 15 40 0 Lets out a charming cry that cannot be evaded.
Draining Kiss 10 50 100 An attack that absorbs over half the damage inflicted.
Crafty Shield 10 0 Evades status moves for one turn.
Flower Shield 10 0 Raises the Defense of Grass-type Pokémon.
Misty Terrain 10 0 Covers the ground with mist for 5 turns. Blocks status.
Play Rough 10 90 90 Plays rough with the foe. May lower Attack.
Fairy Wind 30 40 100 Stirs up a fairy wind to strike the foe.
Moonblast 15 95 100 Attacks with the power of the moon. May lower Sp. Atk.
Fairy Lock 10 0 Locks down the battlefield preventing escape next turn.
Aromatic Mist 20 0 Raises the Sp. Def of a partner Pokémon.
Geomancy 10 0 Raises Sp. Atk, Sp. Def and Speed on the 2nd turn.
Dazzling Gleam 10 80 100 The user damages opposing {POKEMON} by emitting a powerful flash.
Baby-Doll-Eyes 30 100 Lowers the foe's Attack before it can move.
Light of Ruin 5 140 90 Fires a great beam of light that also hurts the user.
Floral Healing 10 0 Restores an ally's HP. Heals more on grass.
Fleur Cannon 5 130 90 A strong ray that harshly lowers Sp. Attack.
Nature's Madness 10 1 90 Halves the foe's HP with the power of nature.
Sparkly Swirl 15 90 100 Wrap foe with whirlwind of scent. Heals party's status.
Decorate 15 0 The user sharply raises the target's Atk and Sp.Atk
Spirit Break 15 75 100 Attacks with spirit-breaking force. Lowers Sp. Atk.
Strange Steam 10 90 95 Emits a strange steam to potentially confuse the foe.
Misty Explosion 5 100 100 Hit everything and faint. Powers up on Misty Terrain.
Fever Dream 10 80 100 A burning dream that does more damage if foe or user are asleep.
Spirit Sever 10 85 95 The user siphons the foe's spirit to regain HP.
Sprite Smash 10 130 90 A pixelated slam to sharply lower the user's Attack.
Silly Slash 15 70 100 Hits as soon as possible. High critical-hit ratio.