Version 0.3.2
Voyager New Moves
Name Type Category PP Power Accuracy Description
Vine Whip 25 45 100 Strikes the foe with slender, whiplike vines.
Absorb 25 30 100 An attack that absorbs half the damage inflicted.
Mega Drain 15 55 100 An attack that absorbs half the damage inflicted.
Leech Seed 10 90 Plants a seed on the foe to steal HP on every turn.
Razor Leaf 25 55 95 Cuts the enemy with leaves. High critical-hit ratio.
Solar Beam 10 120 100 Absorbs light in one turn, then attacks next turn.
Stun Spore 30 75 Scatters a powder that may paralyze the foe.
Sleep Powder 15 75 Scatters a powder that may cause the foe to sleep.
Petal Dance 10 120 100 A rampage of 2 to 3 turns that confuses the user.
Spore 15 100 Scatters a cloud of spores that always induce sleep.
Cotton Spore 40 100 Spores cling to the foe, sharply reducing Speed.
Giga Drain 10 75 100 An attack that steals half the damage inflicted.
Synthesis 5 0 Restores HP. The amount varies with the weather.
Ingrain 20 100 Lays roots that restore HP. The user can't switch out.
Needle Arm 15 60 100 Attacks with thorny arms. May cause flinching.
Aromatherapy 5 0 Heals all status problems with a soothing scent.
Grass Whistle 15 55 Lulls the foe into sleep with a pleasant melody.
Bullet Seed 30 25 100 Shoots 2 to 5 seeds in a row to strike the foe.
Frenzy Plant 5 150 90 Powerful, but leaves the user immobile the next turn.
Magical Leaf 20 60 0 Attacks with a strange leaf that cannot be evaded.
Leaf Blade 15 90 100 Slashes with a sharp leaf. High critical-hit ratio.
Worry Seed 10 100 Plants a seed on the foe giving it Insomnia.
Seed Bomb 15 80 100 A barrage of hard seeds is fired at the foe.
Energy Ball 10 90 100 Draws power from nature to attack. May lower Sp. Def.
Leaf Storm 5 130 90 Whips up a storm of leaves. Harshly lowers the Sp. Atk.
Power Whip 10 120 85 Violently lashes the foe with vines or tentacles.
Grass Knot 20 1 100 A snare attack that does more damage to heavier foes.
Wood Hammer 15 120 100 Slams the body into a foe. The user gets hurt too.
Seed Flare 5 120 85 Generates a shock wave that sharply reduces Sp. Def.
Grass Pledge 10 80 100 Attacks with a column of grass. May create a swamp.
Horn Leech 10 75 100 An attack that absorbs half the damage inflicted.
Leaf Tornado 10 65 90 Circles the foe with leaves to damage and cut accuracy.
Cotton Guard 10 0 Wraps its body in cotton. Drastically raises Defense.
Forests Curse 20 100 Puts a curse on the foe making the foe Grass-type.
Petal Blizzard 15 90 100 Stirs up a violent storm of petals to attack.
Grassy Terrain 10 0 The ground turns to grass for 5 turns. Restores HP.
Spiky Shield 10 0 Evades attack, and damages the foe if struck.
Strength Sap 10 100 Saps the foe's Attack to heal HP, then drops Attack.
Solar Blade 10 125 100 Charges first turn, then chops with a blade of light.
Leafage 40 40 100 Attacks with a flurry of small leaves.
Trop Kick 15 70 100 An intense kick from the tropics. Lowers Attack.
Sappy Seed 15 90 100 Giant stalk scatters seeds that drain HP every turn.
Drum Beating 10 80 100 Plays a drum to attack. The foe's Speed is lowered.
Snap Trap 15 35 100 Snares the target in a snap trap for four to five turns.
Branch Poke 40 40 100 The user pokes the target with a pointed branch.
Apple Acid 10 80 100 Attacks with tart apple acid to lower the foe's Sp. Def.
Grav Apple 10 80 100 Drops an apple from above. Lowers the foe's Defense.
Grassy Glide 20 70 100 A gliding strike. Goes first on Grassy Terrain.
Jungle Healing 10 0 Heals HP and status of itself and allies in battle.
Bramble Snag 15 60 100 The target is shredded by brambles, lowering Speed.
Burn Powder 30 80 A flammable powder made from fibers that burn.
Mana Sap 10 100 Saps the foe's Sp.Atk to heal HP, then drops Sp.Atk.
Oxidize 5 0 Restores HP. The amount varies with the weather.