Version 0.3.2
Voyager New Moves
Name Type Category PP Power Accuracy Description
Poison Sting 35 15 100 A toxic attack with barbs, etc., that may poison.
Acid 30 40 100 Sprays a hide-melting acid. May lower Defense.
Poison Powder 35 75 Scatters a toxic powder that may poison the foe.
Toxic 10 90 Poisons the foe with an intensifying toxin.
Smog 20 30 70 An exhaust-gas attack that may also poison.
Sludge 20 65 100 Sludge is hurled to inflict damage. May also poison.
Poison Gas 40 90 Envelops the foe in a toxic gas that may poison.
Acid Armor 20 0 Liquifies the user's body to sharply raise Defense.
Sludge Bomb 10 90 100 Sludge is hurled to inflict damage. May also poison.
Poison Fang 15 50 100 A sharp-fanged attack. May badly poison the foe.
Poison Tail 25 50 100 Has a high critical-hit ratio. May also poison.
Gastro Acid 10 100 Stomach acid suppresses the foe's ability.
Toxic Spikes 20 0 Sets spikes that poison a foe switching in.
Poison Jab 20 80 100 A stabbing attack that may poison the foe.
Cross Poison 20 70 100 A slash that may poison a foe and do critical damage.
Gunk Shot 5 120 80 Shoots filthy garbage at the foe. May also poison.
Venoshock 10 65 100 Does double damage if the foe is poisoned.
Sludge Wave 10 95 100 Swamps the foe with a wave of sludge. May also poison.
Coil 20 0 Coils up to raise Attack Defense and Accuracy.
Acid Spray 20 40 100 Sprays a hide-melting acid. Sharply reduces Sp. Def.
Clear Smog 15 50 0 Attacks with white haze that eliminates all stat changes.
Belch 10 120 90 Lets out a loud belch. Must eat a Berry to use it.
Venom Drench 20 100 Lowers the Attack, Sp. Atk and Speed of a poisoned foe.
Baneful Bunker 10 0 Protects user and poisons foes on contact.
Toxic Thread 0 100 Attacks with a thread that poisons and drops Speed.
Purify 20 100 Cures the foe's status to restore HP.
Shell Side Arm 10 90 100 Uses higher of physical and special damage. May poison.
Corrosive Gas 20 65 100 Highly acidic gas melts items held by surrounding Pokémon.
Venom Snap 5 90 90 Impales the foe with razor- sharp teeth. May badly poison.
Acid Rain 10 0 Poison hurts Steel and is strong against Rock/Grnd.
Noxious Terrain 10 0 Torments battlers and boosts Poison's power and potency.
Detox 5 100 Poison- types are refreshed but lose their Poison type.
Surprise Venom 5 10 100 Startles and poisons the foe on the 1st turn.