Version 0.3.2
Voyager New Moves
Name Type Category PP Power Accuracy Description
Psybeam 20 65 100 Fires a peculiar ray that may confuse the foe.
Confusion 25 50 100 A psychic attack that may cause confusion.
Psychic 10 90 100 A powerful psychic attack that may lower Sp. Def.
Hypnosis 20 60 A hypnotizing move that may induce sleep.
Meditate 40 0 Meditates in a peaceful fashion to raise Attack.
Agility 30 0 Relaxes the body to sharply boost Speed.
Teleport 20 0 A psychic move for fleeing from battle instantly.
Barrier 20 0 Creates a barrier that sharply raises Defense.
Light Screen 30 0 Creates a wall of light that lowers Sp. Atk damage.
Reflect 20 0 Creates a wall of light that weakens physical attacks.
Amnesia 20 0 Forgets about something and sharply raises Sp. Def.
Kinesis 15 80 Distracts the foe. May lower accuracy.
Dream Eater 15 100 100 Takes one half the damage inflicted on a sleeping foe.
Psywave 15 1 100 Attacks with a psychic wave of varying intensity.
Rest 10 0 The user sleeps for 2 turns, restoring HP and status.
Mirror Coat 20 1 100 Counters the foe's special attack at double the power.
Future Sight 10 120 100 Heightens inner power to strike 2 turns later.
Trick 10 100 Tricks the foe into trading held items.
Role Play 10 0 Mimics the target and copies its special ability.
Magic Coat 15 100 Reflects special effects back to the attacker.
Skill Swap 10 0 The user swaps special abilities with the target.
Imprison 10 100 Prevents foes from using moves known by the user.
Luster Purge 5 70 100 Attacks with a burst of light. May lower Sp. Def.
Mist Ball 5 70 100 Attacks with a flurry of down. May lower Sp. Atk.
Cosmic Power 20 0 Raises Defense and Sp. Def with a mystic power.
Extrasensory 20 80 100 Attacks with a peculiar power. May cause flinching.
Calm Mind 20 0 Raises Sp. Atk and Sp. Def by focusing the mind.
Psycho Boost 5 140 90 Allows a full-power attack, but sharply lowers Sp. Atk.
Gravity 5 0 Gravity is intensified negating levitation.
Miracle Eye 40 0 Makes GHOSTS and evasive foes easier to hit.
Healing Wish 10 0 The user faints to heal up the recipient.
Psycho Shift 10 100 Transfers status problems to the foe.
Heal Block 15 100 Prevents the foe from recovering any HP.
Power Trick 10 0 The user swaps its Attack and Defense stats.
Power Swap 10 0 Swaps changes to Attack and Sp. Atk with the foe.
Guard Swap 10 0 Swaps changes to Defense and Sp. Def with the foe.
Heart Swap 10 0 Swaps any stat changes with the foe.
Psycho Cut 20 70 100 Tears with psychic blades. High critical-hit ratio.
Zen Headbutt 15 80 90 Hits with a strong headbutt. May cause flinching.
Trick Room 5 0 Slower Pokémon get to move first for 5 turns.
Lunar Dance 10 0 The user faints to heal up the recipient.
Guard Split 10 0 Averages changes to Defense and Sp. Def with the foe.
Power Split 10 0 Averages changes to Attack and Sp. Atk with the foe.
Wonder Room 10 0 Defense and Sp. Def stats are swapped for 5 turns.
Psyshock 10 80 100 Attacks with a psychic wave that does physical damage.
Telekinesis 15 0 Makes the foe float. It is easier to hit for 3 turns.
Magic Room 10 0 Hold items lose their effects for 5 turns.
Synchronoise 10 120 100 An odd shock wave that only damages same-type foes.
Stored Power 10 20 100 The higher the user's stats the more damage caused.
Ally Switch 15 0 The user switches places with its partner.
Heal Pulse 10 0 Recovers up to half the target's maximum HP.
Heart Stamp 25 60 100 A sudden blow after a cute act. May cause flinching.
Psystrike 10 100 100 Attacks with a psychic wave that does physical damage.
Hyperspace Hole 5 80 0 Uses a warp hole to attack. Can't be evaded.
Psychic Terrain 10 0 The ground turns weird for 5 turns. Blocks priority.
Speed Swap 10 0 Swaps user's Speed with the target's.
Instruct 15 0 Orders the target to use its last move again.
Psychic Fangs 15 85 100 Chomps with psychic fangs. Destroys any barriers.
Prismatic Laser 10 160 100 A high power laser that forces recharge next turn.
Photon Geyser 5 100 100 User's highest attack stat determines its category.
Glitzy Glow 15 90 100 Telekinetic force that sets wall, lowering Sp. Atk damage.
Magic Powder 20 100 Magic powder changes the target into a Psychic-type.
Expanding Force 10 80 100 Power goes up and damages all foes on Psychic Terrain.
Freezing Glare 10 90 100 Shoots psychic power from the eyes. May cause frostbite.
Eerie Spell 5 80 100 Attacks with psychic power. Foe's last move has 3 PP cut.
Siphon Mind 5 90 Raises its Special stats while lowering the foes.
Wormhole 5 100 85 Traps the foe in a wormhole for 2-5 turns.
Hypnotic Dance 5 100 An ancient dance puts all battlers to sleep.
Fabled Trick 5 100 Uses psychic powers to swap Sp. Atk and Sp. Def.
Marvel Room 10 0 Sets a bizarre arena where Atk. and Sp.Atk are swapped.
Quantum Trap 5 100 Traps the enemy team in a quantum trap to steal effects.
Plasma Bolt 30 30 100 Launches an ion-infused bolt. It may paralyze.
Continuum Pulse 15 50 100 Distorts spacetime. Moves first under Gravity.
Graviton Wave 15 65 100 Hurls gravitons. Increased damage under Gravity.