Version 0.3.2
Keplara Native Species
Voyager Updated Species
Type HP Attack Defense Speed Special Attack Special Defense Total Abilities
Carcinodjinn 100 70 70 60 115 120 535 Liquid Ooze
Poison Heal
export_dot carcinodjinn Carcinodjinn

Egg group - AMORPHOUS

Wild Encounters
Battle Frontier
Level-Up Moves
Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
1 Smog 30 70 20
30 Jettison 70 100 20
Tutorable Moves
Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
Jettison 70 100 20
Smog 30 70 20
Tutorable Abilities
Ability Description
Adaptability Boosts same type attacks.
Anticipation Senses dangerous moves.
Ball Fetch Fetches failed Poké Ball.
Cloud Nine Negates weather effects.
Corrosion Poisons any type.
Defeatist Gives up at half HP.
Early Bird Awakens quickly from sleep.
Emergency Exit Flees at half HP.
Forewarn Determines a foe's move.
Frisk Checks a foe's item.
Fumigate Normal moves become Poison.
Illuminate Raises evasiveness.
Immunity Prevents poisoning.
Inner Focus Prevents flinching.
Insomnia Prevents sleep.
Klutz Can't use hold items.
Levitate Not hit by Ground attacks.
Lifelink May restore HP on contact.
Liquid Ooze Draining causes injury.
Merciless Criticals poisoned foes.
Mimicry Changes type on terrain.
Neutralizing Gas All Abilities are nullified.
Normalize Moves become Normal-type.
Noxious Surge Field becomes Noxious.
Oblivious Prevents attraction.
Own Tempo Prevents confusion.
Phantasmic Swap defenses in battle.
Pickup May pick up items.
Poison Heal Restores HP if poisoned.
Poison Point Poisons foe on contact.
Poison Touch Poisons foe on contact.
Run Away Makes escaping easier.
Shadow Tag Prevents the foe's escape.
Slow Start Takes a while to get going.
Sludge Rush Raises Speed in Acid Rain.
Stall Always moves last.
Stench May cause a foe to flinch.
Toxic Boost Ups Attack if poisoned.
Trace Copies special ability.
Truant Moves only every two turns.
Unaware Ignores stat changes.
Unburden Using a hold item ups Speed.
Unearthly Swap attacks in battle.
Vital Spirit Prevents sleep.
Wimp Out Flees at half HP.