Version 0.3.2
Keplara Native Species
Voyager Updated Species
Type HP Attack Defense Speed Special Attack Special Defense Total Abilities
Smeargle 55 20 35 75 20 45 250 Own Tempo
export_dot smeargle Smeargle

Egg group - FIELD

A Smeargle marks its territory using a fluid that leaks out from the tip of its tail. About 5,000 different marks left by this Pokémon have been found.
Wild Encounters

Map Chance Level
Sycorax Ruins 1% Lv. 14-18

Land (2):
Map Chance Level
Sycorax Ruins 5% Lv. 15-18

Artist Chenoir
Smeargle Lv. 19
Thunder Wave
Swords Dance
Triple Axel
Smeargle Lv. 20
Laser Focus
Nature Power
Tri Attack
Artist Jaic
Smeargle Lv. 42
Adrenaline Amp
Confuse Ray
Shell Smash
Stored Power
Smeargle Lv. 42
Power Herb
Surprise Venom
Light of Ruin
Smeargle Lv. 42
Focus Sash
Shift Gear
High Jump Kick
Bolt Strike
Battle Frontier
Level-Up Moves
Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
1 Sketch 0 1
11 Sketch 0 1
21 Sketch 0 1
31 Sketch 0 1
41 Sketch 0 1
51 Sketch 0 1
61 Sketch 0 1
71 Sketch 0 1
81 Sketch 0 1
91 Sketch 0 1
Tutorable Moves
Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
Sketch 0 1
Tutorable Abilities
Ability Description
Adaptability Boosts same type attacks.
Aerilate Normal moves become Flying.
Aftermath Fainting damages the foe.
Air Lock Negates weather effects.
Analytic Moving last boosts power.
Anger Point Critical hits raise Attack.
Anticipation Senses dangerous moves.
Arctic Surge Field becomes Arctic.
Arena Lock Negates field effects.
Arena Trap Prevents fleeing.
Arid Surge Field becomes Arid.
Aroma Veil Prevents limiting of moves.
Aura Break Reverse aura abilities.
Bad Dreams Damages sleeping Pokémon.
Ball Fetch Fetches failed Poké Ball.
Bare Hands Powers up with no hold item.
Battery Boosts ally's Sp. Atk.
Battle Armor Blocks critical hits.
Beast Boost KOs boost best stat.
Berserk Boosts Sp. Atk at low HP.
Big Pecks Prevents Defense loss.
Blaze Ups Fire moves in a pinch.
Blustery Surge Field becomes Blustery.
Bulletproof Avoids some projectiles.
Calcifate Normal moves become Rock.
Calderize Normal moves become Fire.
Carbonize Normal moves become Steel.
Cheek Pouch Eating Berries restores HP.
Chilling Neigh KOs boost Attack stat.
Chlorolize Normal moves become Grass.
Chlorophyll Raises Speed in sunshine.
Clear Body Prevents ability reduction.
Cloud Nine Negates weather effects.
Cognizate Normal moves become Psychic.
Color Change Changes type to foe's move.
Comatose Always drowsing.
Combat Surge Field becomes Tense.
Combatize Normal moves become Fighting.
Competitive Lowered stats up Sp. Atk.
Compound Eyes Raises accuracy.
Contrary Inverts stat changes.
Convection Summons a thunderstorm.
Corrosion Poisons any type.
Cotton Down Lower Speed of all when hit.
Curious Medicine Remove ally's stat changes.
Cursed Body Disables moves on contact.
Cute Charm Infatuates on contact.
Damp Prevents self-destruction.
Dancer Dances along with others.
Dark Aura Boosts Dark moves.
Dauntless Shield Ups Defense on entry.
Dazzling Protects from priority.
Defeatist Gives up at half HP.
Defiant Lowered stats up Attack.
Delta Stream Summons strong winds.
Desolate Land Summons intense sunlight.
Distillize Normal moves become Water.
Download Adjusts power favorably.
Dragon's Maw Ups Dragon-type moves.
Drizzle Summons rain in battle.
Drought Summons sunlight in battle.
Drowsy Aura Causes sleep on contact.
Dry Skin Prefers moisture to heat.
Early Bird Awakens quickly from sleep.
Eerie Surge Field becomes Eerie.
Effect Spore Leaves spores on contact.
Electric Surge Field becomes Electric.
Emergency Exit Flees at half HP.
Fairy Aura Boosts Fairy moves.
Filter Weakens “supereffective”.
Flame Body Burns the foe on contact.
Flare Boost Ups Sp. Atk if burned.
Flash Fire Powers up if hit by fire.
Flood Surge Field becomes Drenched.
Floral Surge Field becomes Floral.
Flower Veil Protects Grass-types.
Fluffy Tougher but flammable.
Fog Veil Ups evasion in thick fog.
Forecast Changes with the weather.
Forewarn Determines a foe's move.
Friend Guard Lowers damage to partner.
Frisk Checks a foe's item.
Full Metal Body Prevents stat reduction.
Fumigate Normal moves become Poison.
Fur Coat Raises Defense.
Gale Wings Flying moves go first.
Galvanize Normal moves turn Electric.
Gluttony Eats Berries early.
Gooey Lowers Speed on contact.
Gorilla Tactics Ups Attack and locks move.
Grass Pelt Ups Defense in grass.
Grassy Surge Field becomes grassy.
Grim Neigh KOs boost Sp. Atk stat.
Gulp Missile If hit, spits prey from sea.
Guts Ups Attack if suffering.
Harvest May recycle a used Berry.
Healer Heals partner Pokémon.
Heatproof Heat and burn protection.
Heavy Metal Doubles weight.
Hive Mind Normal moves become Bug.
Honey Gather May gather Honey.
Huge Power Raises Attack.
Humidity Rush Raises Speed in Heat Wave.
Hunger Switch Changes form each turn.
Hustle Trades accuracy for power.
Hydration Cures status in rain.
Hyper Cutter Prevents Attack reduction.
Ice Body Slight HP recovery in Hail.
Ice Face Take a free hit. Hail renews.
Ice Scales Halves special damage.
Illuminate Raises evasiveness.
Illusion Appears as a partner.
Immoralize Normal moves become Dark.
Immunity Prevents poisoning.
Imposter Transforms into the foe.
Infiltrator Passes through barriers.
Innards Out Hurts foe when defeated.
Inner Focus Prevents flinching.
Insomnia Prevents sleep.
Intimidate Lowers the foe's Attack.
Intrepid Sword Ups Attack on entry.
Iron Barbs Hurts to touch.
Iron Fist Boosts punching moves.
Justified Dark hits raise Attack.
Keen Eye Prevents loss of accuracy.
Klutz Can't use hold items.
Leaf Guard Blocks status in sunshine.
Levitate Not hit by Ground attacks.
Libero Changes type to move's.
Lifelink May restore HP on contact.
Light Metal Halves weight.
Lightning Rod Draws electrical moves.
Limber Prevents paralysis.
Liquid Ooze Draining causes injury.
Liquid Voice Makes sound moves Water.
Long Reach Never makes contact.
Magic Bounce Reflects status moves.
Magic Guard Only damaged by attacks.
Magician Steals the foe's held item.
Magma Armor Prevents frostbite.
Magma Surge Field is drenched in Magma.
Magnet Pull Traps Steel-type {POKEMON}.
Marvel Scale Ups Defense if suffering.
Mega Launcher Boosts pulse moves.
Menace Lowers the foe's Sp. Atk.
Merciless Criticals poisoned foes.
Mimicry Changes type on terrain.
Minus Powers up with Plus.
Mirror Armor Reflect stat decreases.
Misty Surge Field becomes misty.
Mold Breaker Moves hit through abilities.
Moody Stats change gradually.
Morbid Surge Field becomes Morbid.
Motor Drive Electricity raises Speed.
Moxie KOs raise Attack.
Muddy Surge Field becomes Muddy.
Multiscale Halves damage at full HP.
Mummy Spreads with contact.
Natural Cure Heals upon switching out.
Neuroforce Ups “supereffective”.
Neutralizing Gas All Abilities are nullified.
No Guard Ensures that all moves hit.
Normalize Moves become Normal-type.
Noxious Surge Field becomes Noxious.
Obliviate Confuses on contact.
Oblivious Prevents attraction.
Overcoat Blocks weather and powder.
Overgrow Ups Grass moves in a pinch.
Own Tempo Prevents confusion.
Parental Bond Moves hit twice.
Pastel Veil Protects team from poison.
Perish Body Foe faints in 3 turns if hit.
Phantasmic Swap defenses in battle.
Photon Rush Raises Speed in Solar Wind.
Pickup May pick up items.
Pixilate Normal moves become Fairy.
Plus Powers up with Minus.
Poison Heal Restores HP if poisoned.
Poison Point Poisons foe on contact.
Poison Touch Poisons foe on contact.
Polluter Summons acid rain.
Power Of Alchemy Copies ally's ability.
Power Spore Amplifies status effects.
Power Spot Powers up ally moves.
Prankster Status moves go first.
Pressure Raises foe's PP usage.
Primal Surge Field becomes Primal.
Primalize Normal moves become Dragon.
Primordial Sea Summons heavy rain.
Prism Armor Weakens “supereffective”.
Propeller Tail Ignores foe's redirection.
Protean Changes type to used move.
Psychic Surge Field becomes weird.
Punk Rock Ups and resists sound.
Pure Power Raises Attack.
Queenly Majesty Protects from priority.
Quick Draw Moves first occasionally.
Quick Feet Ups Speed if suffering.
Rain Dish Slight HP recovery in rain.
Rattled Raises Speed when scared.
Receiver Copies ally's ability.
Reckless Boosts moves with recoil.
Refraction Powers up beam moves.
Refrigerate Normal moves become Ice.
Regenerator Heals upon switching out.
Resonance Ups sound move power.
Ripen Doubles effect of Berries.
Rivalry Powers up against rivals.
Rock Head Prevents recoil damage.
Rough Skin Hurts to touch.
Run Away Makes escaping easier.
Sand Force Powers up in a sandstorm.
Sand Rush Ups Speed in a sandstorm.
Sand Spit Creates a sandstorm if hit.
Sand Stream Summons a sandstorm.
Sand Veil Ups evasion in a sandstorm.
Sap Sipper Grass increases Attack.
Scrappy Hits Ghost-type Pokémon.
Screen Cleaner Removes walls of light.
Serene Grace Promotes added effects.
Shadow Shield Halves damage at full HP.
Shadow Tag Prevents the foe's escape.
Shed Skin Heals the body by shedding.
Sheer Force Trades effects for power.
Shell Armor Blocks critical hits.
Shield Dust Prevents added effects.
Shrapnel Surge Cover the field in shrapnel.
Simple Prone to wild stat changes.
Singularity Amplify Gravity in battle.
Skill Link Multi-hit moves hit 5 times.
Slow Start Takes a while to get going.
Sludge Rush Raises Speed in Acid Rain.
Slush Rush Raises Speed in hail.
Sniper Boosts critical hits.
Snow Cloak Ups evasion in Hail.
Snow Warning Summons a hailstorm.
Solar Burst Generates solar wind.
Solar Power Powers up in sunshine.
Solid Rock Weakens “supereffective”.
Soul-Heart KOs raise Sp. Atk.
Soundproof Avoids sound-based moves.
Speed Boost Gradually boosts Speed.
Stagnant Air Summons a heat wave.
Stakeout Stronger as foes switch in.
Stall Always moves last.
Stalwart Ignores foe's redirection.
Stamina Boosts Defense when hit.
Static Paralyzes on contact.
Steadfast Flinching raises Speed.
Steam Engine Fire or Water hits up Speed.
Steelworker Powers up Steel moves.
Steely Spirit Boosts ally's Steel moves.
Stench May cause a foe to flinch.
Sticky Hold Prevents item theft.
Storm Drain Draws in Water moves.
Strong Jaw Boosts biting moves.
Sturdy Negates 1-hit KO attacks.
Suction Cups Firmly anchors the body.
Super Luck Critical hits land often.
Surge Surfer Faster on electricity.
Swarm Ups Bug moves in a pinch.
Sweet Veil Prevents party from sleep.
Swift Swim Raises Speed in rain.
Symbiosis Passes its item to an ally.
Synchronize Passes on status problems.
Tangled Feet Ups evasion if confused.
Tangling Hair Lowers Speed on contact.
Technician Boosts weaker moves.
Telepathy Can't be damaged by an ally.
Teravolt Moves hit through abilities.
Terralate Normal moves become Ground.
Terrorize Normal moves become Ghost.
Thick Fat Heat-and-cold protection.
Tinted Lens Ups “not very effective”.
Torrent Ups Water moves in a pinch.
Tough Claws Boosts contact moves.
Toxic Boost Ups Attack if poisoned.
Trace Copies special ability.
Transistor Ups Electric-type moves.
Triage Healing moves go first.
Truant Moves only every two turns.
Turboblaze Moves hit through abilities.
Unaware Ignores stat changes.
Unburden Using a hold item ups Speed.
Unearthly Swap attacks in battle.
Unnerve Foes can't eat Berries.
Unseen Fist Contact evades protection.
Victory Star Raises party accuracy.
Vital Spirit Prevents sleep.
Volt Absorb Turns electricity into HP.
Volt Rush Raises Speed in Thunderstorm.
Wandering Spirit Trade abilities on contact.
Water Absorb Changes water into HP.
Water Bubble Guards from fire and burns.
Water Compaction Water boosts Defense.
Water Veil Prevents burns.
Weak Armor Its stats change when hit.
White Smoke Prevents ability reduction.
Wimp Out Flees at half HP.
Wonder Skin May avoid status problems.